Current Postdocs & visiting

DrGeraldine ANDRE (postdoc researcher)
Baromètre de la Diversité - Enseignement
Funding: UNIA, duration 18 months, Supervision ULB: Dirk Jacobs

Dr. Alejandra ALARCON (postdoc researcher)
Equal opportunities for migrant youth in Educational systems with high levels of social and ethnic segregation - Assessing the impact of school team resources - EQUOP

Funding: ERC, Principal Investigator: Dirk Jacobs; Duration: 1/01/12-31/12/16

Dr. Muriel SACCO (postdoc researcher)
Patterns of Drug Use among (ethnic and cultural) Minorities - PADUMI

Duration: 1/02/2015-31/03/2016, Funding: BELSPO, Supervision ULB: Dirk Jacobs (Project coordinator Tom Decorte, Ghent University)

Laetitia ZWICKERT (visiting fellow)
The Fulbright-Schuman Program
ET2020, Globally Competitive Schools, and Minority Success: Experiences from France, Luxembourg, and Belgium"

Dr. Laura ODASSO (postdoc researcher)
Funding: EU - Marie Curie Fellowship
"AMORE: Awareness and Migration: Organizations for binational family Rights Empowerment" - Supervisor: Prof. Andrea REA ; Duration: July 2014 -  end of June 2016
Dr. ODASSO is also involved in the project" State encounters over the world: a transatlantic comparison of professional norms and practices of the polices and bureaucratic agencies related to migration policies", Funding: FNRS (Scientific cooperation between MINyT-Argentina & FWB-Belgium), Coordinator: Pierre PETIT (ULB), Researchers: Laura ODASSO, Maité MASKENS, Barbara TRUFFIN, Partners: Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina), Duration: 1/03/2015-1/03/2017

DrFabiana ESPINDOLA (postdoc researcher)
Funding: Innoviris
Mobilité sociale et ségrégation socio-spatiale à Bruxelles. Une analyse qualitative longitudinale des transitions entre enseignement secondaire et post-secondaire.
Duration: March 2015 - end of April 2016; Supervisor: Prof. Andrea REA
Dr. ESPINDOLA is replacing Dr. Perrine DEVLEESHOUWER (affiliated postdoc researcher) 

Dr. Emma LOCHERY (postdoc researcher)
Funding: Wiener Anspach Foundation (UK)

Dr. Martin ROSENFELD (Post-doctoral fellow (Wiener-Anspach) at Oxford University)
Border Crossing, Trade and Trust: Tracking clothing supply chains to Nairobi and Cotonou