Inside Border / Migration Control

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This international workshop gathers senior and junior researchers with a background in sociology, anthropology, international relations, and migration studies that are interested in those actors and organizations that put migration and border control in practice. While migrants' motivations, itineraries and incorporation occupy the stage or scientific research, those who control international movements remain too often understudied. Speakers will present researches focusing on Europe and the USA in particular. Our two panels tackle control away from, at and after the border and on immigration detention and deportation. Day-to-day making and unmaking of borders is inverstigated from the perspective of history, policymaking, surveillance and control, contestation and human agency.

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Free registration.

This event is supported by the Foundation Wiener Anspach, the Group for research on Ethnic Relations, Migration & Equality (GERME), the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science and the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS).