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Chiara Giordano holds a PhD in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies / doctorat en sciences sociales et politiques (co-tutorship between the university of Milan and the university of Brussels) and a Master degree in Gender Studies and equal opportunities. She is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Group for Research on Ethnic Relations, Migration and Equality (GERME) of the university of Brussels (ULB). Her research interests include female migration, domestic and care work, gender inequality and ethnic discrimination.

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  • Giordano,  C. (2007, December). Quote di genere. In Glossario. Lessico della differenza. Torino: Regione Piemonte: Commissione regionale per la realizzazione delle Pari Opportunità tra Uomo e Donna.

Peer-reviewed journal articles


  • Giordano,  C. (2019, July 01). The Role of Gender Regimes in Defining the Dimension, the Functioning and the Workforce Composition of Paid Domestic Work. Feminist Review, 122(2), 95-117. doi:10.1177/0141778919851060

Active participation in international conferences and symposiums


  • Giordano,  C. (2019, September). Public and private home-care for the elderly in Belgium: is professionalisation decreasing gender and ethnic segregation in the sector? Paper session presented at  Caring for elderly and dependent people: promoting gender equality and social justice (12-13 September 2019: Tarragona, Spain).
  • Giordano,  C. (2019, June). The care of elderly people in Belgium between formal and informal solutions: professionalisation or fragmentation? Paper session presented at  4th Transforming Care Conference (24-26 June 2019: Copenhagen (Denmark)).
  • Giordano,  C. (2019, June). The impact of migration policy regimes on the concentration of migrants in paid domestic work in Europe Paper session presented at  16th Annual IMISCOE Conference (26-28 June 2019: Malmo (Sweden)).
  • Giordano,  C. (2019, March). The ‘care mix’ adopted by Belgian families and the growing presence of migrant workers in elderly care in Belgium Paper session presented at  The Long-Term Care Crisis: Tapping into Labour Resources within and across National Borders (11-12 March 2019: Mainz (Germany)).


  • Giordano,  C. (2018, September). The ethnicisation of paid domestic work in Europe: a quantitative analysis of care, gender and migration regimes Paper session presented at  9th Congress of the European Society on Family Relations (05-08 Septembre 2018: Porto (Portugal)).


  • Giordano,  C. (2017, June). Combining care and gender regimes: the use of typologies to explain cross-European differences in paid domestic work Paper session presented at  3rd Transforming Care Conference (26-28 juin 2017: Milan (Italie)).
  • Giordano,  C. (2017, May). The impact of care and gender regimes on paid domestic work: a quantitative analysis at European level Paper session presented at  7th International Work and Family Conference (25-05-2017: Milan (Italie)).
  • Giordano,  C. (2017, March). The role of gender regimes in defining the dimension, the functioning and the workforce composition of paid domestic work: a quantitative analysis at European level Paper session presented at  Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium.

Theses and master's dissertations


  • Giordano,  C. (2018). The impact of care, gender and migration regimes on migrant domestic work: a quantitative analysis at the European level (Unpublished doctoral dissertation) Università Statale di Milano, Faculté de Philosophie et Sciences sociales - Sciences politiques et sociales, Milan.


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